Idaho Rural Health Association

Our vision

The Vision of the Idaho Rural Health Association is to be the recognized advocate for rural health issues in Idaho.

Our mission

The Mission of the Idaho Rural Health Association is to provide leadership on issues related to rural health in Idaho through advocacy, communication, and education.

How do I become a member?

To become a member of the IRHA, please use our online membership application. The IRHA accepts individual, student and organizational memberships. IRHA memberships are for one full year. The year starts when dues are received & ends one full year from this date.

Who does IRHA represent?

The IRHA represents a variety of individuals and organizations who are committed to the health and welfare of rural Idahoans. IRHA has a diverse membership, consisting of physicians, nurses, nutritionists, health care administrators, public health officials, government officials, researchers, educators, students, private individuals, and other health care professionals. Membership Brochure

How is IRHA funded?

The IRHA receives a technical assistance grant from NRHA that helps pay for board member travel to NRHA events, some costs of the rural health conference and administrative expenses. Other income comes from membership dues and sponsorship contributions which are directly used toward member benefits.

What is the National Rural Health Association?

The IRHA is an organizational member of the NRHA and receives a technical assistance grant from NRHA each year. We enjoy a close relationship with the NRHA but are a separate organization. IRHA members are not automatically NRHA members, although we may offer a dual membership in the future.

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